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Welcome to Wasp Removal UK, your trusted partner in addressing wasp and hornet infestations! Formerly known as Wasp Control UK, we specialize in providing expert solutions to eliminate these stinging insects from your surroundings. Take a moment to explore our comprehensive information pages, where you'll find valuable insights into dealing with wasp nests, identifying key characteristics, and understanding the crucial questions your local wasp control specialist may ask.

The wasp nest

Unveiling the Wasp Season

Embark on the fascinating journey of wasps as they emerge from winter hibernation in the spring. This marks the beginning of the wasp season, during which queen wasps diligently construct their new nests. Delve into our dedicated wasp lifecycle page for an in-depth exploration of the intriguing life of a wasp, spanning from the rejuvenation of spring to the waning days of autumn.

Decoding the Wasp Nest

Our specialized page on the intricacies of the wasp nest unravels the construction process, shedding light on the materials employed by wasps and the detailed timeline of their yearly cycle. Gain a deeper understanding of how these industrious insects build their nests, and familiarize yourself with the various stages they go through during the seasonal progression.

Dispelling Common Myths

Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, it's important to note that wasp nests are not reused year after year. We bust myths surrounding wasp nest longevity, providing accurate information to dispel any misunderstandings about the habits of these buzzing creatures.

Let us guide you through the intricacies of wasp control. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge, ensuring a swift and effective resolution to your wasp or hornet infestation. Don't let these stinging insects disrupt your peace—take control with Wasp Removal UK!

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In our ongoing commitment to enhance user experience, we've revamped our previous forum structure. Introducing dedicated pages that cater to frequently asked questions about wasps, bees, and hornets. Dive into our comprehensive collection of questions and answers, offering insights and knowledge on various aspects of these buzzing insects. Explore our curated content to gain a deeper understanding of these fascinating creatures.

Locating wasp nests and hornet nests

Wasps and hornets are notorious for constructing their nests in elusive locations, ranging from confined lofts and cavity walls to subterranean hideouts and various other secluded areas.

Frequently, individuals are aware of the presence of a wasp or hornet nest but struggle to pinpoint its exact location. Explore our Wasp Nest Identification page, where detailed information is provided on the probable nesting spots of these insects. Gain valuable insights into what signs to look for when attempting to locate wasp or hornet nests.

If you find yourself certain of a nest's presence but are unable to track it down, don't hesitate to reach out to your local pest controller for expert advice. Their experience and guidance can prove instrumental in efficiently addressing the situation.

Getting rid of wasps

Wasp Nest Control Made Easy

Discovering a wasp nest on your property can be unnerving, but our comprehensive guide on wasp nest control is here to help. Once you've located and confirmed an active nest, explore our detailed wasp nest control page for insights into the treatment methods used to effectively eliminate both wasp and hornet nests. This resource also prepares you for what to expect when a pest controller arrives, ensuring you're well-informed about the process of getting rid of your wasps.

The Case for Wasp Nest Removal

While many pest controllers offer wasp nest removal services, it's beneficial to understand why leaving the nest in place after treatment is often recommended. Our informative content delves into the reasons behind this practice, shedding light on the considerations that go into the decision-making process. Be aware that additional charges may apply for the removal service due to the need for a repeat visit after the initial treatment.
If you're considering a wasp nest removal service, connect with your local pest controller for personalized advice tailored to your situation.

Wasp Stings

Dealing with Wasp Stings

Unpleasant encounters with wasp stings happen, and our notes on what to do when stung by wasps or hornets can be a valuable resource. Learn about recognizing the signs of Anaphylactic Shock and the crucial steps to take if you or someone else experiences these symptoms. Remember, seeking immediate medical attention is vital for anyone displaying signs of Anaphylactic Shock.

Navigate through our informative content to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to address wasp-related concerns effectively.

Professional wasp nest treatments


Hornets, distinctively larger than common or European wasps, belong to the wasp family despite their imposing size.

Contrary to intuition, the size of hornets does not necessarily correlate with increased aggressiveness. Despite their larger stature, hornets are not inherently more aggressive or prone to stinging.

While a hornet sting packs a bit more punch compared to a regular wasp sting, understanding their behavior is crucial. Caution is advised when around any wasp species to avoid potential stings. Delve into our comprehensive page on the hornet life-cycle for a deeper understanding of these captivating creatures, offering invaluable insights into their behavior and characteristics.

Wasp nest photos

If you are unsure of what a wasp nest looks like or are just interested in wasps or hornets, take a look at our wasp nest image gallery. A selection of photos uploaded by our pest control members and is continuously growing in size.

Wasp Traps

Due to lack of demand, we no longer supply wasp traps. We do still have details on assembly and how to position wasp traps.
Where to set wasp traps

Please note: Wasp traps are not suitable as a substitute for having a nest destroyed, they are a preventative control method used to keep areas such as gardens free from nuisance wasps.

Bee Swarms: Understanding and Addressing Unexpected Guests

In the spring, some individuals find themselves with unexpected guests—swarms of honey bees. This occurrence arises when the hive or nest becomes too cramped for the entire bee population. The swarm divides, with one half staying in the hive and the other venturing out to find a new home.

Learn more about bee identification, the stinging habits of different bee species, and discover harmless bee varieties as you navigate through our informative content.

Explore the intricacies of bee swarms, unraveling the reasons behind their formation and understanding the appropriate actions to take if you encounter one. Our continually expanding bee swarm collectors list spans across the UK, USA and Canada, providing a valuable resource for those seeking assistance.

If you have an established colony of bees that requires removal, peruse our dedicated page on bee removal. Be aware that there are specific guidelines governing the treatment of honey bee colonies and other crucial factors to consider in the removal process. Stay informed and make informed decisions when dealing with honey bee colonies.

Honey bee swarm collectors

Wasp nest removal cost

Embarking on wasp nest removal? The cost can vary across different companies, with an average ranging between £50 and £70. In London, prices might be slightly higher, averaging around £100. Many wasp nest removal providers offer discounted rates for addressing additional nests on your property.

For a hassle-free experience, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional wasp nest removal company. Steer clear of window cleaning, building companies and call centers, ensuring you receive specialized expertise. Rest assured, climbing a ladder to reach the nest should not result in any extra charges.

Choose cost-effective and reliable solutions for your wasp nest removal needs. Enjoy peace of mind with professionals who understand the intricacies of the task at hand.

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