Bespoke DR5 Stainless Steel Nozzles for Wasp treatments

4mm DR5 Stainless Steel Nozzles

4mm Stainless Steel Nozzles (Pack of 3)

Introducing a set of three compact stainless steel nozzles designed for DR5 or comparable dust applicators. With a sleek 4mm outside diameter and a precise 2mm inside diameter, these nozzles are perfect for effortlessly reaching and treating small entry holes. Upgrade your dust application experience with these precision-engineered nozzles. Don't miss out on enhancing your efficiency - grab your pack today and elevate your dusting game!

6mm DR5 Stainless Steel Nozzles

6mm Stainless Steel Nozzles (Pack of 3)

Presenting a trio of larger-sized stainless steel nozzles crafted for compatibility with DR5 or equivalent dust applicators. Boasting a generous 6mm outside diameter and a substantial 4mm inside diameter, these nozzles are your go-to solution when aiming for a full flow of dust. Elevate your dusting capabilities effortlessly with this set of precision-engineered nozzles. Upgrade now and ensure you have the tools for maximum effectiveness. Don't wait - seize your pack today!

Set of 6 Stainless Steel dr5 nozzles

6mm and 4mm Stainless Steel Nozzles (Pack of 6)

Experience the complete DR5 nozzle set, encompassing 3 units of 4mm and 3 units of 6mm sizes. Crafted from durable stainless steel, these nozzles are meticulously designed for longevity, ensuring they stand the test of time without wearing through. Elevate your dusting equipment with this comprehensive set. Invest in quality that lasts - acquire your full set of DR5 nozzles today!

Single 45 degree 6mm nozzle

Single 45 degree 6mm Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Indulge in the superiority of a single 45-degree 6mm DR5 Stainless Steel nozzle. This nozzle, akin to the one included with a DR5 duster, offers not only increased length but also an enhanced design for superior performance. Elevate your dusting experience with this upgraded nozzle. Don't settle for the standard - embrace the longer and improved option with a bigger diameter. Upgrade your DR5 duster now with the enhanced 6mm Stainless Steel nozzle!

Single 90 degree 6mm nozzle

Single around corners 6mm Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Discover the exclusivity of our 6mm around corners Stainless Steel nozzle - a one-of-a-kind item not available elsewhere. Perfect for navigating into tight voids and around corners, this nozzle offers capabilities beyond the reach of standard alternatives. Elevate your precision and versatility with this unique nozzle that sets you apart from the ordinary. Unlock new possibilities in your dusting tasks. Don't miss out on this distinctive accessory - enhance your toolkit today!

Single stright 6mm nozzle

Single straight 6mm Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Effortlessly address exposed nests with our straight 6mm Stainless Steel nozzle. Specifically designed for convenience, this nozzle allows you to penetrate the nest securely and apply dust to the interior without the worry of blockages. Simplify your nest treatment process and ensure effective dusting with this purpose-built accessory. Upgrade your pest control strategy today by adding the ideal tool for exposed nests - the straight 6mm Stainless Steel nozzle.

Single 45 degree 4mm nozzle

Single 4mm Small 45 degree Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Rely on our top choice - the 4mm 45-degree Stainless Steel nozzle. Perfect for navigating through nearly all cracks and crevices, this nozzle provides unparalleled control over the insecticide application process. Based on our extensive experience, it stands out as the go-to solution for precise and effective treatment. Take command of your pest control efforts with this indispensable accessory. Elevate your application precision with the 4mm 45-degree Stainless Steel nozzle - the ultimate tool for reaching every nook and cranny.

Single 90 degree 4mm nozzle

Single 4mm Small around corners Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Experience the handiness of our 4mm around corners Stainless Steel nozzle. Tackling tight corners has never been easier. This nozzle is your solution for reaching challenging spots effortlessly. Don't let obstacles stand in your way - equip yourself with the versatility of the 4mm 90-degree Stainless Steel nozzle. Conquer every corner with ease and precision. Upgrade your toolkit today and make light work of tight spaces!

Single straight 4mm nozzle

Single 4mm Small straight Stainless Steel DR5 Nozzle

Unlock precision in hard-to-reach areas with our 4mm straight Stainless Steel nozzle. Tailored for applications under tiles or in compact spaces, this nozzle allows you to navigate straight in with ease. Experience the advantage of targeted dusting in confined locations. Elevate your pest control game by adding the ideal tool for those specific, hard-to-reach places. Invest in accuracy and efficiency - choose the 4mm straight Stainless Steel nozzle for your specialized applications today!


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