How Wasp Removal UK can improve your Business

What are the benefits to me?

Recent research has shown that 60% of people now use the internet to search for a service and 80% avoid paper-based directories such as a telephone book or the Yellow Pages.

By subscribing to this site, you will be advertising your wasp removal services to thousands of potential customers.

This website was created in November 2009 and since its launch has seen hundreds of thousands of visitors.
We hope to continue this growing trend, and we endeavour to improve the site every year for the benefit of our members and customers alike.

Here are some comments from people that have used the site:

"We registered on the Wasp Control website and noticed an immediate increase in calls.
Clients often comment on the fact that the website is very well laid out with lots of useful information about wasps, and what to expect from a contractor.
We would have no hesitation in recommending this website to both contractors and customers, and often advise people from outside our normal working area to use the site to find a contractor near to them."
Matt Thomlinson - "Westcountry Environmental Services"

"We were very sceptical in the first instance about joining such a site, but now we have bitten the bullet and done so we were very pleased with the outcome. We did not make a million in the first year but we made a healthy return for our investment. So much so that we will not hesitate to join again next year. Keep up the good work"
Steve - "It Has 2 Be Done Ltd"

"I used the wasp control website this year and it was the most productive source of calls for wasp work from all the advertising I did. I would recommend it without hesitation as a cost effective way of generating wasp control work."
Adam Howe - "Adam's Pest Control"

"Considering the site was in its first year, I did ok out of it and easily covered the subscription costs for the next year so I have decided to sign up for another season."
Noel Cahill - "Little critters pestcontrol"

"Wasp control UK is a good move for any pest controller looking to build up their business. I was only getting a few wasp nests a month but the work has trebled right though to November."
Ivan Tabbernor - "WTC Pest Control"

Don't let your competition get the upper hand on your business - for £1.15 a week you can reserve your postcode areas today.

How does the site work?

Unlike other directories, Wasp Removal UK only displays one pest controller per postcode area, which means potential customers are not presented with an overwhelming list to choose from.

Once listed, your chosen postcodes are locked to your account, this means that you will not compete with other pest controllers in your area through this site.
You can also add a link to your website from your advert page.

The annual subscription to Wasp Removal UK is £60 up to a maximum of 20 postcode areas.
Additional postcodes (above the 20 limit) are £3.00 each if available.
We use PayPal which is one of the most secure payment methods available on the internet.

Once you have registered, you will be able to log into the member's section of the site where you can update your advert whenever you choose.

The future...

Over the last few years we have collected customer search queries about wasps and all things wasp related, and we have built a comprehensive questions and answers database which is available to both pest controller and customer alike on our main pages.

We will continue to expand and improve our database information and keep it up to date.

We believe that independent pest controllers provide a better service than larger companies as it is their reputation at stake, which is why we want to recommend your business to potential customers.

Why not give us a try and sign up today!

If you are a bee swarm collector/officer and would like to be listed, please use the form located at the top of the bee swarm collectors page