Wasp nest removal

Wasp control UK has independent pest controllers listed who offer wasp nest removal services to their customers.
In normal circumstances a wasp nest will not need to be removed, a simple treatment with a dust based insecticide is enough to kill all the wasps living within the nest.

Once treated the nest is usually left where it is and will not be used again by other wasps.
Wasps build new nests each season which actually makes sense from a disease control point of view.
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On the odd occasion for one reason or another, a wasp nest will need to be removed, perhaps due to its location!
If this occasion arises the nest will first need to be treated to kill all the flying wasps and nest removal will be done at a later time after the wasps have been killed, usually later in the day or the next day.
If an emergency wasp nest removal needs to be done, there are some insecticides that can be sprayed onto the nest which will kill all the wasps which are inside the nest instantly. However these quick acting insecticides do not kill the wasps which are out foraging.

Not all pest controllers carry fast acting insecticides, if you are concerned and think you need to have a wasp nest removed urgently, talk to your local pest controller and he or she can advise you on the best course of action.

Most customers will only come across a wasp nest a few times in their life. Often we visit customers who have never had a nest. Their immediate thoughts are "wasp nest removal" when in fact there are some good arguments for leaving the nest where it is if possible.
The normal insecticide dust which is used to kill a wasp nest is quite long lasting and although not harmful to humans or other mammals, wasps certainly do not like it. When a nest is treated the dust used to kill the nest remains, any wasps from other colonies that attempt to raid the treated nest which is now undefended will become contaminated and die or they will make it back to their nest and contaminate that as well.
We believe that often a single treatment will result in killing more than one nest for the reasons above.

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Posted on: 2011-01-26 by Wasp Removal UK
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