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Swarm Collectors in the Berkshire area of England

Linda Rogerson

01189 724 004
07796 878 634
Along with Martin Moore, honey bee swarm coordinator for Reading and District Beekeeping Asscociation. Honey bee swarms collected for the benefit of new and existing beekeepers in the Association. Will collect swarms in the Reading and out laying areas. BBKA registered.

Robin Roberts

01344 641 495 emrg
07950 314 514
Honey bee colection 20 mile radius of Bracknell b/bee nest removed relocated mim 5 mile of orignal location (no destructon save the bees) where possible.


07921 931 336
I will collect Honey Bee Swarms anywhere in West Berkshire.


07868 783 563
Honey bees swarm collection in Berkshire. Save the honey bees.

Rod Hogg

07718 149 206
Always happy to give advise. I will collect swarms from Purley, Tilehurst Pangbourgne and the surrounding area. Regrettably I am not able to remove swarms from within building fabric, cladding or chimney that may requires any undertaking of building works to gain access to honey bees.