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Swarm Collectors in the Gloucestershire area of England

Patrick James

07786 013 869
Official swarm coordinator for forest of dean beekeepers. If no answer on mobile please leave message and I will call you back.

John Myatt

01452 530 903
07852 481 003
I will collect honey bee swarms from within a 10 mile radius of Gloucester. If no removal of structures are required then the charge is free. I work flexi hours and should be available at short notice if you contact me via my mobile.

Peter Thomas

01594 836 772
07789 375 450
Hello, I am happy to collect swarms within the Forest of Dean.

Sam Hardiman

07531 270 206
I am a biodynamic farmer for the Stroud Community Agriculture Farm at Hawkwood and Brookethorpe and I want to set up a small naturally maintained apiary at Brookthorpe to help with pollination as well as to support the bees in their own right. I am happy to collect any swarm that you might have in the Gloucester/Stroud area to help get the apiary going. Thank you in advance.

David Richards

07984 936 385
Collection around Gloucester/Stroud area, any time.

Mhairi Strauss

07974 726 281

Keith Clampton

01285 770 946
07564 026 994
Covering Cirencester, Malmesbury, Tetbury, Lechlade, Fairford, Sherston, Coates, Kemble and other local villages. Honey Bee collection and removal of swarms only. Please call at any time and I will come straight over to asses and collect the bees. All bees are then re-homed and loved in our apiary!


01666 825 810
07815 909 059
Centrally located for Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, North Avon and Somerset, West Berks, West Oxford and the Cotswolds.

Sue Baker

01453 757 259
07939 058 126
I am a natural beekeeper, looking after bees in a chemical free and sustainable manner. I am happy to come and remove a swarm in Stroud and the surrounding areas.

Ann Stevenson

01453 521 706
I live near Wotton under Edge and will collect a swarm of bees in the locality. I do not deal with wasps or bumblebees.

Pete Bissell

01934 249 921
07925 891 968
We will collect your swarm from the following areas: Somerset, Devon and Gloucestershire.


07815 660 013
As a gardening teacher at my children's school, I have set up a couple of hives with Geoff (above). The bees are a fantastic education for the pupils at the school and we are hoping that we can eventually have enough bees to produce a small amount of honey. I will be happy to collect any swarm from the Blakeney, Coleford, Cinderford areas. I will also be able to arrange removal of already established hives from the fabric of buildings as well! Please call!

Sally Church

01452 812 940
07967 126 219
I am a bee keeper and happy to collect honey bee swarms from the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud area. Sorry, I do not collect wasps or bumble bees etc.

Colin Swaine

01454 299 509
07973 255 683
Official Honey Bee Swarm Co-ordinator/Collector for South Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association. Happy to give advice and collect Honey Bee Swarms from these postcodes: GL5; GL6; GL8 to GL13; BS32; BS35 to BS37 or close by. We love our Honey Bees and will find them a new home - remember a Honey Bee Swarm is far more likely to survive if given some care and attention.....The World needs Honey Bees....Stop the Decline!

Brian Bertram

01453 872 796
Minchinhampton, Stroud, Tetbury, Dursley

Geoff Kayum

07737 876 908
I am a small natural bee-keeper based in Stroud looking to expand the number of colonies that I support. I use natural methods, avoid the use of chemicals and my aim is to help th bees to thrive as opposed to produce honey for myself. Please feel free to call me if you have a swarm that you would like to be taken away. I am also setting up a school apiary for the benefit of pupils and the garden at my children's school and would love to house two or three swarms there. Please note that I make no charge for swarm colections - you will be providing me with a something of value already! Many Thanks.

Chris Rappitt

07717 883 644
Collected for free and re-homed. Friendly bee-keeper with big ladders. Call asap.

Grahame Smith

01594 528 359
07842 822 522
Bee Swarms. If you have a bee swarm in The Forest of Dean or surrounding areas, we will collect it at cost on provision that access is easy otherwise we may need to charge for removal. We would give you best advice and the Investment to do this type of removal.

Heather Moore

07988 687 515
We collect honeybee swarms for free, and will always ensure they go to a good home. We are a social enterprise trying to help our declining pollinators.