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Swarm Collectors in the Leicestershire area of England

Julian Serra

07950 630 464
If you have a honey bee swarm please phone at any time, day or night.

Andy Stuart

01162 402 514
Collection of Honey Bee swarms in South Leicestershire area.

Andy Walters

01455 285 250
07967 771 681
Bee swarn collection in Leicestershire, ring me and I will collect the same day free of charge. They will then come home and be given a new bee hive to live in. support our bees!

Andy Stuart

01162 402 514
07769 619 656
I will collect a swarm of bees anywhere in South Leicestershire free of charge

Simon Terry

07971 571 312
Honey bee Swarm collection from Kegworth - Loughborough area.

Paul & Emma Squire

01162 304 468
07450 003 974
Free honey bee swarm in the Leicestershire area, but only if swarms are accessible please.