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Swarm Collectors in the Yorkshire area of England

Andrew Botham

07971 233 136
Will collect swarms in the Malton and Scarborough area free of charge.

Jez Daughtry

01142 324 164
07980 261 554
Can collect any honey bee swarms immediately, no waiting around, Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas.

Ian Halliwell

01484 603 798
I do not collect swarms at height due to health & safety concerns nor do I collect swarms that might be in cavities. I only collect swarms within a radius of eight miles of Shepley, Huddersfield

Richard Chapple

07775 503 740
Member of Bradford Beekeepers Association. Honey bee swarms collected within the Shipley and Bingley areas.

Helen Lowry

07990 596 644
I am happy to collect swarms in the LS18, LS19 areas of Leeds.

Matthew Furniss

07970 369 225
Swarms collected from Wakefield/Pontefract and surrounding areas.


07913 483 057
Bee swarms collected from Sheffield and surrounding area. Jar of honey for all swarms collected.

Ben Lamb

01748 518 066
07900 650 371
I can usually respond to calls for swarms immediately and will collect your swarm quickly and efficiently AND the first 5 calls of 2014 which lead to collection of a swarm will receive a FREE JAR OF HONEY.

Stephen Cass

01653 698 115
07976 965 218

Keiron Corbett

07837 620 853
Located in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

John Woollard

07707 781 053
Will collect Honey Bees within 20 miles from Keighley.

George Giles

07494 851 212
Honeybee swarms removal Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Philip Tindall

01723 365 694
07582 868 826
Members of Scarborough & District Beekeepers Association Based in Newby Scarborough.

Melanie Fryer

01282 842 279
As I am just outside Skipton near to the Lancashire Border I can also visit East Lancs within 20 miles of home.

Steve the bee man

07546 940 615
Member of BBKA. Honey bee swarms collected 10 mile radius of Wakefield, Ossett, Dewsbury, Batley and Morley.

Carl Lockyer

01226 744 132
07968 708 730
Free collection and free advice 10 mile radius of Barnsley.

Keith Wilson

07733 784 795
Small time bee keeper, can collect swarms but not if they're inside walls or too high up.

Sharon Goulding

07805 033 857
Happy to collect free of charge swarms in the wakefield and east side of huddersfield areas.

Axl c rose

07599 667 434
Happy to collect honey bee swarms for free in the Bridlington area.

Bob Taylor

07948 440 889


07511 502 659
Kingston upon Hull and surrounding area's


07775 503 740
I can collect honey bee swarms in BD18 and BD16 postcode areas (height restrictions apply due to insurance restrictions).

Paul Sheldon

07954 173 473
Happy to collect bee swarms within 20 miles of Keighley, no fees. Bee will be regimes in one of our apiaries in the Aire valley.

Joanna Ainsley

01757 288 148
07842 278 695
I will collect swarms in a 15 mile radius of Selby free of charge.

Steven Holloway

01142 339 223
07769 351 873

John Keen

07940 825 626
I live at the extreme western edge of N Yorks close to the bourdary with Lancashire and Cumbria. Thus I'm available for the area between Kirkby Lonsdale and Settle.

Jennifer Edwards

01262 321 456
07449 182 208
We are the Rise Bee Ranch, a charitable organization providing free polination services to small rural farms. we will respond to your call 7/24/365 we do not destroy swarms, rather we give them a good permanant home, and place them in the countryside to polinate not only crops but native British Plants.

Chris Haw

01924 870 984
07960 014 338


07872 166 702
Free Honey bee swarm collection around West Yorkshire area.