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Swarm Collectors in the Hampshire area of England

Bill's Bee House

07928 962 640
We are a local bee keeping company providing homes for bees using locally sourced materials to build Warre hives. Our hives involve no intervention and allow the bees to form a strong colony to be varroa resistant. If you have a swarm in your garden please don't be scared and don't spray them. Give us a call and we will come to collect the bees to put in one of our hives in our community!

Brian Elders

07704 802 345
Organic Bee Keeper willing to collect honeybee swarms in 30 Radius of Ringwood. Will also do building cut-outs.

Alex Nolan

01420 488 740
07960 370 444
Free bee swarm removal and re-homed to a peaceful apiary. I can collect swarms from North Hampshire, South Surrey and West Sussex.

Colin Falla

01243 374 501
Based in Emsworth: collection of Honey bees swarms in PO10 postcode and surrounding areas. Free service but donation for cost of fuel always welcome.

Marcus Collings

07973 442 069
Based in the new forest I will happily collect any swarms that may be in your location.

Winchester beekeepers Duty Co-ordinator

0701 775 8191
0701 775 8192

Mike Alsop

01489 601 742
07715 273 667
Will collect honey bee swarms from Portsmouth to Southampton

David Upton

07906 434 101
I am in Gosport Hampshire and I cover the Gosport, Fareham, Funtley, Portsmouth and Waterlooville areas.

Mark Luckhurst

01794 323 456
07717 133 949
I live near Romsey and work close to home (West Wellow) and belong to Romsey and District beekeepers. I would be delighted to remove any swarms within a 15 mile radius of West Wellow, and am happy to co-ordinate with local swarm liaison officers from Romsey and Andover.

Peter Roeder

01428 712 939
I am most interested to collect honey bee swarms on the Surrey/Hants border in the area between Guildford and Alton.

John Haverson

07958 051 446
Mic Laird 07798 727 755 or Andy Kingman 07831 809 893 - Central Andover Matt Somerville - 07717 251 713 - North Andover Mike Barrie - 07831 139 296 - East Andover Jim Stuart 07981 050 927 - South Andover Honey Bee Swarm collection service in North Hampshire

Adam Southwell

02380 457 117
07789 642 063
Hampshire bee keeper offers a proffesional, safe, swarm collection service.

Matt Brake

07775 590 869
I am a member of the New Forest Beekeeping Association and I am usually available to pick up swarms in the Cadnam, Lyndhurst, Ashurst, Totton and surrounding areas.

Chris Hand

02392 610 442
07908 398 091
I am based in Hordean and am willing to travel upto 20 mile radius of Horndean to deal with honeybee swarms.

Roy Godfrey

02392 381 881
07751 117 552
I have been a beekeeper over 35 years, I also run a teaching program for new beekeepers, who need bees, I can collect honeybees from Portsmouth , Havant, Emsworth, Hayling, Infact a 15 miles radius of Waterloville. I will be pleased to advise you about your honeybee swarm.

J E B's

07935 304 630
Removal of honey bee swarms FREE OF CHARGE. Established colonies that need more work there maybe a charge for removal and making good if required. I cover SW Hampshire up to Winchester area.