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Swarm Collectors in the Nottinghamshire area of England

Jeanette Mccormack

01777 704 414
07747 301 461
Will collect bee swarms free of charge in the Nottinghamshire area. Will not control wasps, bumble bees, hornets etc.


07393 766 437
New to beekeeping, happy to catch a swarm around the Mansfield, Ollerton, Edwinstowe, Bilsthorpe areas.

Katy Gibson

01636 813 147
Honey Bee swarms collected within Southwell and surrounding areas.

Jonathon Atkin

07711 388 098
Honey Bee Swarms Collected From Notts & Derbyshire Free Of Charge. All Honey Bees will be moved to the safety of a new hive in an area of several acres planted specifically for pollinators.

Janet Bates

01623 794 687
07973 412 101
We will collect swarms from the north of Nottinghamshire.

D Stanford

07712 885 564
I am located in Mansfield Nottinghamshire and will collect Honey bee swarms.

Martyn Belcher

01623 360 299
07792 126 632
Mansfield Beekeeper available to collect swarms in and around Mansfield Chesterfield and Nottingham.

Pete Straw

01773 608 191
079733 640 214
I will collect swarms of HONEY BEES free within a 15 mile radius of Selston Notts, sorry no chimneys or locations that are higher than a small ladder or steps. If you get a swarm leave them alone, give us a ring we will re-home and try to save them. BEES are in danger of being wiped out, causing huge problems for mankind, help the bees and give us a call.

Dave Alvey

01623 847 104
07976 445 620
North Notts, Mansfield, Worksop

Ash Wilson

01773 608 191
Swarms of Honey bees collected within 15 mile radius of Retford Notts, sorry we do not remove bees from Chimneys, or high places, we do not charge a fee unless we have to go out of the 15 mile radius due to no closer beekeepers being available. Please call your local beekeeper if you know of a swarm, we try to save them and give them a new home, honey bees are in decline.