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Swarm Collectors in the Lancashire area of England

John Vendy

01524 262 083
07973 907 325
Based in the west of North Yorkshire. Free collection of bee swarms. All situations considered and advice offered if removal is not possible. All bees will go to beekeepers who are not profit motivated, but care for bees. Within 20 miles from Bentham.

Mike Evans

07711 332 137

Brian Riding

01257 265 792
07815 542 337
Will collect honey bee swarms within a radius of 20 miles of Chorley. Will give advice on types of bees, masonry, honey etc.

Eric Bradbury

01257 427 051
07910 429 710
Very happy to give advice and provide free swarm collection sevice up to 10 mile radius of Standish.

Andy Donnelly

01772 743 351
07787 758 033
Covering 50 mile radius of Preston Lancashire

Brian Brelsford

01618 650 013
07970 336 165
We collect swarms of Honey bees from Manchester and the surrounding areas, no charge is made for collections.

Andy Donnelly

01524 791 317
07787 758 033
Will collect honey bee swarms 50 mile radius of Preston, free of charge.

Andrew Wilson

07768 445 530
Happy to help in my locality - Broughton.

Teresa Seed

01524 335 64
I live in Lancaster and am prepared to travel in a 12 mile radius to pick up a swarm.

Avril Cairncross

01254 831 319
07876 316 690
Will collect swarms within a 30 mile radius of Chorley. Sorry, not from chimneys or inside buildings. Service free of charge.


07972 714 388
Free Swarm collection service. Honeybee and beekeeping advice and guidance given. I am scared of heights so no chimneys please.

Stewart Bell

01253 720 014
07449 553 006
I am a natural no chemical beekeeper and consider the welfare of honey bees more important than profit. I keep my bees in a natural top bar hive using minimum disturbance. Any bees I collect will go to natural organic beekeepers wherever possible at minimum cost to them. The bees are the important factor not profit.