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Swarm Collectors in the London area of England


07956 311 737
Can collect bee swarms in Haringey, Enfield, Barnet etc. I have been keeping bees for over 25 years.

Angela Woods

07850 263 077
Very experienced, calm, friendly and reliable swarm collector. Welfare of bees central to what I do. Can collect all over London.


0207 638 6581
07984 682 417


07432 117 379
I have experience of collecting swarms and will collect safely and with care to both members of the public and the bees. London and parts of Kent.

David Taylor

07764 775 132
I can collect bee swarms in South West London. Anywhere roughly from Kensington out to Kingston and from Chiswick down to Wandsworth. Free service BBKA member

Joseph Schneck

02084 428 296
07967 960 401
Collecting swarms in North and East London including Hackney, Haringey, Islington.

Patricia Pelican

02086 551 189
07979 194 357
Will collect honey bee swarms in South or South East London or surrounding areas i.e. Kent or Surrey or can coordinate a honeybee swarm collection.

Philip Clarkson

02086 942 518
07836 336 425
Will collect from South East London & Parts of Kent. Please have post code if possible and be prepared to give some details of location.

John Large

02083 172 860
07971 088 086
John Large will collect Honey Bee swarms in South/East London for the Woodlands Farm Trust (020 8319 8900)

Hugh Watson

07900 811 291
Will collect honey bee swarms in London, preferably South East, but will collect anywhere if available and possible.

Andrew Tinkler

442086 743 139
25 years experience of beekeeping, happy to collect swarms in South West London


07772 886 148
I will collect honey bee swarms from any where, in houses, sheds, garages or lofts. If you have a bee problem give me a call i will remove them for free.

Judy Hazell

020 8239 0320
07504 283 681
Bee swarms collected in South London. I am in SE19 Upper Norwood near Crystal Palace.

Sabine Leitner

02077 046 969
07779 220 567
I am very happy to collect swarms from anywhere in London.

Pádraig Floyd

07894 419 800
Can collect bee swarms in IG areas near Ilford, Barking, Dagenham, Romford, and east London areas, postcodes - E4 to E11.


02076 357 140
07884 400 333
If available I will collect swarms from anywhere in central and south London.

Lauren Wainwright

07894 034 727

Eros Biasiolo

07432 833 018
Beekeeper available to collect swarms in London and Greater London (West)


02084 800 499
07793 906 939
I'm based in South London. I am happy to remove swarms of honey bees. I can offer advice on bumblebees. Usually it is best for the bees to visit during the day to do the first part of the removal, then to return just before dark to complete it. Doing it this way means that very few bees are left behind.