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Swarm Collectors in the Dorset area of England

Caroline Sophia Dilke

01297 678 741
07910 196 318
I am happy to collect swarms in West Dorset.

Martin Rudd

01258 861 367
I am based in Child Okeford in North Dorset. Happy to collect swarms from postcodes that start DT10, DT11, SP7 or anywhere within a 20 mile or so radius.


01297 678 157
I will collect swarms in West Dorset. East Devon and South Somerset in a radius of 10 miles from Axminster.

Sarah Barker

07597 916 502
Hello, I am happy to help give advice and collect any bee swarms you may have. I can usually collect within a 12 mile radius of Christchurch. I am happy to come out the same day.

Pete Miles

01202 265 123
07843 613 802
Hi, I am vice chairman of East Dorset beekeepers. I am happy to attend swarms and offer advice. We normally pass them on to new beekeepers. We cover a 20 mile radius around Poole.


01258 721 256
07786 375 818
Experienced beekeeper. Will collect swarms from anywhere in Dorset and also South Wiltshire. Fully insured. Telephone advise and beekeeping consultancy also offered.

Valerie Briggs

01202 891 216
We are Doug and Val Briggs, Ferndown and have been beekeepers for 25 years, and are members of our local beekeepers association. We will collect honeybee swarms within a 5 mile radius of Ferndown approx. Please phone for advice.


01300 345 301
07813 517 256
Member of the British Beekeepers Association and insured. Offer a free bee swarm collection service to much of Central, West, North and South Dorset.

Elizabeth Cawley

01258 268 337
07563 579 614
Willing to collect a swarm in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

John Bolam

07522 869 453
Honey bee swarm collection 10 mile radius of Bishops Caundle only.

Richard Pickett

01202 674 954
07917 155 832
Swarms collected from all Dorset area. over twenty years experience.